Main Floor

 The Main Level features the largest rooms in the house. The impressive ceilings range upwards of 35 feet and are decorated with gilded plaster cornices. The faux-marble walls in the Marble Hall were painted by a Swiss artist named Auguste Tripod, whose trompe l’oeil style depicts variegated, imported marble. Approximately ninety-five percent of the wall finishes are original to the Johnston era (c. 1860) and have been fully restored.

Adjacent to the Hallway is the Reception, Double and Green Parlors. Each have been restored to different periods of Hay House’ occupancy. The Green Parlor in particular has been restored to the Johnston family period and features several of their personal items.



Another prominent feature of the Main Floor is the Music Room, which is also the largest room in the house. The Johnstons used this room as a picture gallery to display their impressive collection of art. The Hay family converted the room into a music room, and added a Stieff piano. 

Across the Walnut Hall from the Music Room is the formal Dining Room, which has also has been restored to its original c. 1860 appearance. This room is the most recent restoration on the Main Level and features Mr. and Mrs. Johnston’s Eastlake dining set, gasolier and the iconic Seasons of the Vineyard stained glass window which was recently removed, repaired, restored and reinstalled by Restoric, LLC., out of Chicago, Il.