Main Floor

The Marble Hallway

The Main Level features the largest rooms in the house. The impressive ceiling range upwards of 32 feet, and are adorned with gilding and original plasterwork. Once guests enter the 12 ft. tall front doors. they immediately see the Marble Hallway. The Marble Hall provides the visitor with a first impression of splendor as the decorative finishes in this room are among the finest in the country. The faux-marble paintings on the walls display the artistry of Swiss artist Auguste Tripod, whose trompe l’oeil style depicts variegated, imported marble. Approximately ninety-five percent of the wall finishes are original to the Johnston era (c. 1860).

The Green Parlor

From the hallway guest can see the restored Reception Parlor. The Reception Parlor was where the families greeted their guest and is currently restored to the Hay period. Next to the Reception Parlor is the Green Parlor, which is restored to the Johnston period. The Green Parlor functioned as a library, and the family used it as a sitting room to talk and read.

Across the hall from these parlors is the Double Parlor. This parlor is restored to the Hay period. The furniture in this room belonged to the Hay family, and is modeled after 18th century France. The Hay family used this as a living room, but the Johnstons and Feltons used this room for their ballroom.

The Music Room

Another prominent feature of the Main Floor is the Music Room. This is the largest room in the house and has 30 foot tall ceilings. The Johnstons created this room to show off their impressive art collection from their honeymoon in Europe. The Hay family converted the room into a music room, and the Stieff piano is still in the room.

Across from the Music Room is the Dining Room. The Dining Room is restored to the Johnston period and the table in the middle of the room belonged to the Johnston family. Our iconic Seasons of the Vineyard stained glass window can be found in the dining room.


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