Second Floor

Also known as the Bedroom Level, the second floor functioned as living quarters for the family and consists of four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a boudoir and balcony. This level is currently under restoration. Thus far, the Master Bedroom, Master Bath and Hallway have all been restored to different periods in Hay House’s history.

The Master Bedroom and Master Bath are the first spaces on this floor to be restored. These spaces reflect the interior design of the house during the Hay family period c. 1950 and feature many of their personal belongings. These rooms will remain in their Hay family period to honor Parks Lee and Maud Saxon Hay.

The Bedroom Level Hall is the most recent space on this floor to undergo restoration its original Johnston family appearance (c. 1860) after the house’s construction. The remaining rooms on this floor including the Children’s Bedroom and Bathroom, Boudoir and Northwest Bedroom will all be restored to the Felton family era c. 1910.