Second Floor

The second floor has two bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a terrace. Opening the terrace doors could help ventilate the entire bedroom level. The oak flooring that guests see today was added by the Feltons at the turn of the 20th century.

The Master Bedroom

When guests arrive upstairs they can see one of the original bathrooms in the house on their right. This bathroom was the master bathroom and had hot and cold running water when the Johnstons built the house.

The Master Bathroom

Attached to the Master Bath is the Master Bedroom. The room is currently restored to the Hay period. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hay slept in this room. For the Johnstons and Feltons this room was the master of the house’s bedroom.

Mary Ellen’s Room

Adjacent to the Master Bedroom is the Northeast Bedroom. This room was the lady of the house’s room. Anne Tracy Johnston lived in this room first. When her daughter Mary Ellen Felton inherited the house, Mary Ellen converted the closet into a bathroom. Mrs. Hay converted the room into a guest bedroom.

‘Bib’s’ Room

Across the hallway is the Northwest Bedroom. This room is often called Bib’s room, because Vivian “Bib” Hay occupied this room. The Johnstons used this room as a guest bedroom until William and Luisa Felton moved in after their wedding in 1914.

The Children’s Room

Next door is the Children’s bedroom. Three generations of Johnson/Felton children occupied this room. Most of the furniture in the room belonged to the Johnstons and Feltons. During the Hay period this room belonged to Elizabeth Hay.

Laura’s Room

Attached to this room is the upstairs Children’s bathroom and Laura Johnson’s bedroom. The Johnstons put in the Children’s bathroom when they built the house, but the Hay family added the shower. Laura’s Room was probably used for a sewing parlor for the first family. During the Felton period, the nanny for Billy and George Felton, Laura Johnson lived in the room.