Restoration of this elegant residence was—and remains—an enormous undertaking begun when the Trust accepted ownership of Hay House from the P.L. Hay Foundation in 1977. So far our efforts have restored the Basement level, the Main Floor, and the Master Bedroom.

Current Efforts

Current restoration efforts are focusing on the Bedroom level. Plans include restoring the bedroom hallway and all of the bedrooms. Please be on the lookout for information on plans to restore this level. Also due to the damage from a storm, restoration of the Lord Byron Window is underway. For more information on this project go to the Byron Window Repair page.

Collections Fund

Hay House is in the process of creating a Collections Fund, which will be used in the acquisition, restoration, and storage of historic items in our museum collection. We have many pieces pertaining to the history of the house and its inhabitants that are in great need of repair. We are reaching out to our visitors and patrons for donations to this fund. If you would like to help Hay House, visit our GoFundMe page. We greatly appreciate any and all donations.